Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All I want for Christmas is my two front bottom teeth!

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! Where to begin...

This Christmas break has been a blast having family near, I've been able to go on a couple of runs, getting my buns back into shape! We've played tennis with Brandon's little brothers a lot and it's been A BLAST! (Shout out to Jordan, we make the best team ever.)

(my Nikeplus mini)

We were able to go see Santa this year because we have a little one! We were able to go see Santa with my parents and the Kennedy's and have some yummy lunch at CPK afterwards.

This year we joined forces on Christmas eve, my in-laws and my brother in-laws came over and participated in our reenactment of the Nativity with smiles and all. Which is hard for a 23, 18, and 16 yr old. Heather's in-laws came over as well and my little brother was home for Christmas. Bayer was baby Jesus for the first time, he was a rockstar performer. Brandon couldn't get work off and couldn't get home till 10:30...:( It was the saddest part of my Christmas Eve.

Brandon has been studying his booty off for exams for grad school, working his tail off without complaint. I can't say how much I appreciate all he does for our little family. He's the hardest working man, right next to my dad. Somehow he finds time to hang out with Bayer and I, and make the most of his time.

I'll end with the fact that I had to speak about Christmas traditions in my ward for the Christmas program. I am so glad our new Bishop asked me to speak about Christmas traditions that bring me closer to Christ. What a great topic. I had the chance to reminisce about my childhood, family, and what Christmas really meant to me, throwing me into the true Christmas spirit. I spoke about Christmas' at my Gpa & Gma Dickson's home when we lived in Washington, which is hard because I feel like I should be there right now because they're not doing so well. Another tradition I mentioned was Christmas music, gave John Denver shout out, admitted my secret love of the "Christmas Shoes" song---sappppppy. Thirdly, my mom's ability to make our home so amazing growing up, decking the halls at our home around Christmas time. Lastly, reacting the Nativity at home and watching our Stakes performance of the Nativity.

Our Tampa Stake Nativity held each year.

Bayer cleaned up as far as gifts go this year. The McClain's were A LITTLE excited to have grandchild! Bayer has every toy that makes a noise or lights up at your local Target sitting in his little nursery. I can't wait for next year when he understands Christmas a bit more. BAYER GOT HIS TWO BOTTOM TEETH FOR CHRISTMAS!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas card photo shoot

Heather took these amazing photos for us a couple weekends ago. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Turkey Bowl!!

Thanksgiving was super awesome this year for one reason....I WASN'T PREGNANT! I could eat, cook, stand, and play in our ward's annual Turkey Bowl this year! So Brandon's brothers have played the last couple of years, lets just say the McClains dominated!!!!! Check out Brandon's face...... catch ever. I mean it, I've never seen a winning touchdown catch that amazing.

My mom was visiting my brother Dan and his family this year, so I decided I was going to take on Thanksgiving with LOTS of help from my mil and husband of course. I was super stressed and exhausted by the time we sat down to eat, so i forgot to take pics! Argh! The food was surprisingly pretty darn good. I did overcook the turkey a tad, but there's only room to improve, right? We made a lot of sauces, turkey glaze, ham glaze, and turkey gravy, and homemade cranberry sauce (thanks to Lisa). I didn't make it exactly like my moms version, because i want to have my own spin on Thanksgiving.

We have so much to be thankful for this year. Brandon and I are so indebted to our Heavenly Father for sending us such a sweet little boy. Bayer makes us so happy, children literally are miracles!