Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm really annoyed with school. I hate my projects right now. We have to do a retarded "environmentally friendly" message. How am I supposed to do this project when I think it's all a bunch of liberal fluff. So here's a list of my slogans I have so far:

1. Hug trees with me!
2. Fill the ocean with tears & fears
3. Polar Bear Hunting Club
4. Obama Rules! ("Odoul Rules" --Billy Madison)
5. Rainbows Collide!
6. Mr. Green banned the Revolver!
7. I love Fag Newtons!
8. Refuse, Redo, & Recover!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Day

Brandon and I celebrated Valentines day earlier in the week, since V-day was on Saturday, we decided to sacrifice the actual day so he could make more money. He's a server at BJ's, we're in college, it's temporary, don't jump to conclusions! lol. Sorry I feel like we get judged for it sometimes. 

Anyways, we went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and it was awesome! I had the biggest lobster tail I've ever seen & a perfect portion of filet mignon! Brandon ate a HUGE NY strip, he loved it! Brandon and I are really into food, it's one of the things that makes us so perfect for each other! I love to cook, he loves to eat! It's great! Except for the fact that we both like expensive food...lol. 

We've been busy beavers, both going to school and working, hanging out with friends, family and the missionaries. I am so grateful the missionaries live two floors below us! It's been such a blessing, we've been able to serve others so much more! They have been an answer to my prayers, we've asked for opportunities to serve others, they've provided. 

I've been involved to both of the missionaries investigators, I love both Brie and Jordynn and I hope everything works out for them. 

It's really fun having them live next to us too because we play tennis with them on p-day and they bring us cookies!

I added these pictures from our honeymoon, we just got them back!

How much I miss Mary

This post is devoted to Mary. I miss her. I was inspired by Emily's post for Leslie and thought, "I miss my best friend too.... :(" 

1. To just sit and talk for hours on end.
2. To complain about all the annoying liberals around us.
3. Describing words that disgust us, i.e. "moist panties," "that's fancy"
4. Venting about certain someone's in our lives.... 
5. Eating Chocolate
6. Shopping at the same stores
7. Saying whatever I want and not worrying about being judged
8. laughing unceasingly
9. Talking about her baby!!!!!
10. Discussing fears and lessons learned
11. No one to watch my guilty pleasures with, aka The Housewives of Orange Countyj
12. Making ugly voices and faces
13. Going out to eat
14. Being content 
15. Talking about our cooking experiments
17. Not being there for her while she's sick...


Saturday, February 7, 2009


This semester has been so much fun so far, I've really enjoyed my projects so far. I feel that it's been a lot easier being married, I can focus more clearly, don't have to stay up late, etc. 

In my media studies class we were assigned to design an unconventional calendar. I hmmmed and haaaaed and thought about a calendar that I would use! I am more of a clutch girl, not a purse girl. Whenever I go anywhere I take my clutch, I needed my calendar to be on the small side. I'm an artsy person, I am a note taker, I jot down ideas, sketches, for things I want to create, etc. 

I love these! I actually use them too!