Friday, April 19, 2013

Florida trip in March

We went to Florida for Spring Break.

So right..

Sometimes you just have those moments where you feel so loved, and taken care of. I cannot express the peace I feel living here, I know Heavenly Father wants us here in Clinton, Mississippi. I feel the Saviors love all around me, I can't believe how intense and constant I've felt this way.

I am not one to put REALLY personal Spiritual thoughts in the public but I really have never experienced my testimony being touched so deep. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the blessings in my life. Seeing life in pure and simple lens, becoming the person I want to be more and more.

It sounds funny, but living away from family allows you so much more time to work on yourself, focus on your own family, and grow closer to your spouse. My biggest fear has turned into my BEST blessing.

More than anything, I feel the fruits of a sacrifice? It was hard to leave, but it's paid off in a multitude of ways.

Heavenly Father has some pretty hilarious ways of humbling you, answering your prayers and blessing you all at once. Like have you move to a suburb in Mississippi , when you're a serious city slicker grown up spoiled. :) love it.