Saturday, October 22, 2011

Antique Toy Chest Restore

So Heather, my mom and I all went antiquing in downtown St. Pete a couple of months ago. I actually went to find a toy chest and was successful! This picture doesn't really do it justice. Because this is after I sanded it down--a lot! There were these weird circle shaped dents all across the top, it was chipped and smelled gross, etc. We talked the guy down from $80 to $60. This a really big antique toy chest made of cedar, which is a great wood because it holds up well to moisture (aka Florida humidity).

Just painting it a really light cream color helped immensely!
I prepped it for some details with painter tape.
I used a gold paint pen for the grooved design on the front face.
The painters tape leaked out pretty bad so I used my exacto blade to clean it up. Probably 90 minutes worth of scraping.

I have since purchased a dampener so Bayer's fingers dont get crushed that was $25. All my supplies were free because I already had left over cream and tan paint, except the gold paint pen was $2. Total investment:

Chest $60
Paint & Painters tape: $0
Dampener: $25
Paint pen: $2

I'm pretty proud of it! It took a lot of sweat and elbow grease but its super rewarding knowing I restored it. I can always use this piece, for my little girls room when we have one, or at the foot of our bed when our kids are grown.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random August-Mid September

I made fish tacos and i was pretty proud of them..

I wasn't sure if he'd like licorice? Guess so...

Pictured Left: Cute Smile Pictured Right: Scary smile

Bayer love love loves youtube videos, here is one of his dancing sessions--first thing in the morning. "E-i-E-i!!" (Old Macdonald had a farm)