Thursday, February 25, 2010

Up Next: Hectic Week

Friday: Threw a baby shower for Jenny Williams
Saturday: Have to meet up with school friends for project all day
Sunday: I have to speak in Sacrament meeting.
Take an Intro to Mormonism Midterm online
Monday: Wait for Dish Network guy to come get our cable box (we're cancelling--wha? Bran and Laura saving money? Wow, that's a thought!)
Tuesday: Go to class
Wednesday: Go to doctor appointment.
Pack up suitcase and house at same time.
Thursday: Go to Class
Move out of our apartment across the street (down 3 flights and back up 3 flights) ;)
Pack suitcase/house more/unpack house
Friday: Fly to Rome (Brandon and I are taking a babymoon!)


weekly update

i had a pleasure of seeing mare bear this last weekend and it was so fun! So i flew out to San Fran on Thursday morning, had a layover in Denver. While waiting to board for my connecting flight, I suddenly felt like I needed to wipe my nose cause it was running really bad. So luckily I had stored a big ole pile of kleenex (because I've sorta had a cold lately) out of my purse, to my lovely surprise I did NOT have a runny nose.

I had a GIGANTIC nose bleed that went on for 20 minutes!!!!!! LITERALLY! It wouldn't stop. I cocked my head back, I pinched my nose, I know the tricks, my sister Anne used to get them a lot. So I called my mom all panicked and asked her if I somehow hurt my baby by flying or if this was normal. She reassured me and told me it's really common to get nose bleeds when your pregnant, but that they were really hard to stop because prego ladies have 20% more blood in their bodies....yum! Yum was sarcastic btw. I freakin swallowed blood for 20 minutes, thank goodness I didn't ralph in the plane. sick. this was traumatic and really embarrassing, sorry i had to share. i'm just warning all the other prego's out there, cuz there's a lot of us.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Proud of myself

Lately I've been coming back to life and it feels great! Why am I so proud of myself? Well, ladies and gents--here's my list!

-I cooked dinner two nights in a row! (steak both times :))
-I did my homework the DAY BEFORE it was due, not the hour before class!
-I went to church all three hours this past Sunday
-I've been editing on our wedding flowers business website (check it out... and make comments on the blog please)
-I made an effort for Valentines day
-I'm not so bitter when I see non-pregnant people exercising, which is hard when you live next to the Suncoast trail...
-I'm seeing my best friend this weekend
-Brandon and I are moving into a two bedroom apartment!
-I don't throw up everyday!
-I don't live in fear of throwing up 24-7
-I don't have to change the channel everytime a food commercial comes on, only sometimes
-I feel happier because I'm healthier and that is priceless.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Let me just say how grateful I am...

...When I found out this babe was a boy I left out the detail that the doctors found cysts on his brain and it freaked me out! It was really sad because that day was supposed to be a fun and magical day full of shopping, thinking of names, and starting nursery themes. But I was depressed about the cysts, they told me the cysts are really common and not to freak out, but of course I did. Brandon will attest to it. These cysts, theres a medical name for them but I can't remember, have been linked to down-syndrome, so I was worried. (Not that theres anything wrong with a child that has down-syndrome--I would love my child just as much don't get me wrong.) You just panic when your a mom, that's a lesson I'm learning, I always worry about him...I just love him sooo much and want everything to be perfect for him!

So back to today! Thankfully my two girlfriends came with me to my appointment for support cause I was really nervous--they helped calm me down and brought good luck! The doc said the cysts resolved and he looked perfect! I feel bad cause I went in lacking faith. I had prepared myself for bad news. Shame on me. Brandon gave me a blessing that said he would be healthy and strong and his cysts would dissolve. So yay!

On a brighter, more visual's some inspiration for the boy's room!

-Vintage Football-
I love the emotion and tone of this painting, I want to emulate this in his room.

I love these boots and am planning on buying a pair off ebay. I LOVE the color palette (imagine browns, tans, and creams...)

I want to buy this photo and frame it.

I've already collected two of Brandon's peewee football trophies and I'm going to spray paint them bronze. Brandon and I bought this vintage football helmet made of leather off ebay and I can't wait for it to get here!!! Also, my mom had this vintage football which she let me have and it sparked my whole theme. I should have started this paragraph with that last sentence, oh well.

I want the walls of the room to be in cream, with an argyle painting technique (matt and glossy), with cherry furniture. So the overall colors (creams, browns, tans, and bronze as the metallic) and feel will hopefully be calm, clean, serene, but masculine with browns.

Sorry if you can't visualize with me, but I know it's gonna look rad.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

some dang prego pics...

everyone keeps bugging me about prego pics! haven't you ever seen a chubby looking lady before? because that's what i look like. this is off my phone like 10 days ago (when i was 18.5 weeks, which means i'm 20 weeks now). i'll put more up when i actually look pregnant, not chubby.

p.s. i'm feeling a lot better.