Wednesday, June 5, 2013

April thru May 2013

So Easter was a lot of fun we had a ward Easter Egg Hunt and the little kids searched inside. It was really fun because it was the first year Bayer actually "got it" and understood the concept of hunting for eggs. ;)

 Some random phone pics of the cute kiddos.
 Same ages.
 Bayer is in LOVE with baseball lately...he makes up pitch to him atleast three times a day outside.

 Love these sleep shots.

 Some of the girls I play soccer with! There are a lot more now's soo fun!

So a couple of the girls and I have started a Photography club, where we get together once a week and teach ourselves how to use our SLR cameras that our husbands have so graciously bought us. ;) It's been super helpful! We bought this online photography class together on groupon and so we have some scholastic element to the club as well!