Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bayer's 1st Birthday!!

Bayer is one! He turned one on June 24th but we didn't have all of our families in town until later on in July! So we celebrated his birthday one month later! ha ha! I can guarantee Bayer didn't notice. I was a Girls Camp on Bayer's real birthday as well. Okay these pictures are in reverse order, blogger is annoying.

Bay Bay's birthday was ball themed! The invitation read "Come have a Ball" and we did! One of his 4 words he says is "ball" followed by "oooooo oo oooo oooooo" in excitement. I tried to make everything we ate in the shape of a ball, except for the dogs and burgers of course...I wouldn't mess with a classic.

I designed Bayer's invites with a ball theme in mind, using blue, orange, and red as the colors. Pardon the really quick edit, this blog isn't private, gotta get rid of the address...

Check out the bounce house after party video at the end...

Harry Potter party

These are some of the party favors my sister Hebs and I made for the party. We printed out "H" Hogwarts images on sticker paper, cut them out with exacto knives and stuck them on the glasses, then we bought etching cream!
Perfect for Butterbeer now!

I was Luna Lovegood for the party so I had to order a Quibbler!
We also gave out some pins we purchased on etsy as party favors.
I've got to give my sister Heather all the credit on these hand made wands! That's right...handmade! Does it get more legit? Not really.

Anyways, we bought wooden dowels from a craft store, ordered mug pegs (the handle part) from a website, and bought some copper fittings from a hardware store. Threw on wood stain, and some puffy paint. She made each one different and unique. She used an "Amazingo" spell on these! Yes I am THAT cheesy.

My mom insisted we have the "fat lady" at the party. Good call, we have Patrick or
Harry Potter posing with her here.
I did paint this banner for our photo background for the party. However, I plan on using it in my HP themed playroom one day.

Fred and George Weasley of course. One of my favorite costumes of the night.
McGonagall and Hagrid
EEK! Luna and Voldemort are married?! Brandon earned a lot of brownie points with me this night. He wanted to be Voldy and he wanted to dress up?! The stars aligned for me..
My pops as the mighty, but quirky Dumbledore.
Percy Weasley and Tonks! ......TAAAAAWWWWNKS!!!
The best hair of the night, tied with Hagrid is Bellatrix and her husband the Death Eater!
Fleur delacour had sewn her own hat, so darn impressive! HP was a really big help for this shin dig!
Rita Skeeter! Taking a break from her ladybug alter ego.
The Minister of Magic left his own business card wherever he went this night! Nice touch!
The promiscuous Gryfindor student and her Quidditch Captain husband!

Yes we did float candles in our Great Hall! Fishing wire, with battery powered votives with paper wrapped to appear as taper candles. You can't buy electric tapers!!!
Hedwig in the Whomping Willow!