Thursday, May 27, 2010

brushing your hair?!

this is what happens when...

a) you NEVER brush your hair
b) you get desperate to look better somehow
c) you're 8 months pregnant in a Florida May


Also, I've had a psycho week. So at my OB, they just added a new midwife, so I met her on Tuesday. She's doing a quick ultrasound to see how big he is and tells me, "Well, I'm not positive but I think we have a breach baby here." She continued to tell me the procedures for c-sections and all the scary mumbo jumbo entailed. Needless to say, I went crazy, I had a major freak out. Brandon didn't come to that appointment with me, let me just say, he regretted his decision.

So we had to go back the next day to see the ultrasound tech to make sure about the position of the baby. Within 5 seconds, she says, "nope, he's head down." I cried tears of joy and frustration because i had been falsely alarmed. I WILL not be having that new midwife in my delivery room because to be quite frank, she panicked me and made me feel awful about the situation when there was no need to worry. drama, drama, drama.

The BEST detail I saved for last, Bayer is measuring a little large already. surprise, surprise, jk! This kid is gonna be a linebacker duh! Our doctor estimated Bayer is already around 7 lbs 4 oz. Folks, I was 36 weeks on Wednesday. Aka, he'll be about 9 and half lbs at my due date! I'm proud of him though--way to go Bayer! My crotch won't have the same sentiment probably.

Sorry for my frankness.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last month of Pregnancy

Random thoughts in the last month of pregnancy...

-I am getting real swollen
-I have no energy
-I sleep 10 hours a day
-Brandon wants to call me "lazy" i can see it on his face, but instead he just gives me a smile.
-pssst.....i am lazy
-I fantasize about being myself again
-I'm really getting nervous about being a mom
-I miss shopping for clothes more and more everyday, p.s. i will be dropping a wad once i get down to my pre-prego weight
-I am so glad school is over
-I can't wait to meet Bayer
-Bayer's nursery is coming along at a snail's pace but it will be finished before he arrives
-I'm nervous to meet Bayer
-I see my pregnancy in 4 sections, the first 2 quaters STUNK, the third was great, the fourth can be described in one word "hot."
-i bought the sims 3 and plan on playing it non-stop until June 23rd, this is my last month of freedom, lets not deny it.

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