Saturday, February 7, 2009


This semester has been so much fun so far, I've really enjoyed my projects so far. I feel that it's been a lot easier being married, I can focus more clearly, don't have to stay up late, etc. 

In my media studies class we were assigned to design an unconventional calendar. I hmmmed and haaaaed and thought about a calendar that I would use! I am more of a clutch girl, not a purse girl. Whenever I go anywhere I take my clutch, I needed my calendar to be on the small side. I'm an artsy person, I am a note taker, I jot down ideas, sketches, for things I want to create, etc. 

I love these! I actually use them too! 


Mandy said...

Lu - I love it. That looks so cool. Where and when can I buy one?

The Ortons said...

THAT IS THE BEST. you are so sweet. I miss you. Love you.