Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Brandon and I were able to go on a cruise a week before school started! It was so much fun to get away with our friends, the Williams and Boria's.

We went to Coco Kay, Bahamas and then to Nassau, Bahamas...

We didn't really
take any pics in Coco Kay, all we di
d was lay out our fat, full bellies and played some beach volleyball, it got pretty competitive!

All of these pictures are fromm Nassau. We rented scooters (the boys drove, while the wives piggybacked), which was soooo scary and fun at the same time!

We visited this batcave! Smelly, but cool.

We went to see the Hotel Atlantis while we we're there, it was pretty darn cool!


The Ortons said...

I live for your updates.
I wish they came more often.

no pressure.

love you friend. miss you.

G.O. Garrison said...


Mandy said...

brings back honeymoon memories. Glad you guys had fun. When you comin' to see us? Miss ya