Monday, November 1, 2010

Little Monster Bash

Heather, my mom and I all threw a "Little Monster Bash!" All our friends with kids not in school came over to play or attempt to play some games and eat some fun treats. It was a lot of fun seeing all the kiddies dressed up and to be able to hang o
ut with all the mommas.

Jack-O-Lantern fruit cups. (Hallowed out orange, stuffed with fruit salad)

The kids decorated cupcakes!
Eve was Wendy!
Grant was a pirate!
Laura and Tanner who was a skeleton!
Court and NJ who was a bat!
Little G or Grayson was Peterpan!
Riggs was a sweet Pharaoh!
Elle was Tinkerbell.
Nancy and John who was a half boy/half goat. There's a word for it I can't remember!
Jill and Trip, big football player!
Mama Bear and Baby Bayer!

Jenny and Cayden is a cowboy!
Heather, Becca & Zeke was Peterpan, and Nancy.


Super B said...

That was such a fun and crazy day! Thanks to you, your mom and hebs!

sunshine family said...

looks like a great party! thanks again!!!


Nancy said...

That party was really fun. I looked at these pics and was like "whoa, my arms are SO fat!" Then I asked Lance if he had looked at these pictures yet and what he thought and he says, "you have a really pretty face honey," which is exactly what someone would say about a big fat person! But again fun pictures and thanks for the good times!

Mandy said...

looks like a blast. Wish we could have joined! Hugs the Bayer - what a cute Bear!