Sunday, May 8, 2011

10 months and change

Bayer at 10+ months

-Starting to walk on his own! Just yesterday he left the couch and went for the TV console!
-He loves to be hold my hand and walk around
-We have been swimming everyday for the last 2 weeks--because he's a little fish!
-He loves baths!
-He babbles all the time!
-About 2 weeks ago he started mimicking the words, "Ut-oh!" I'm counting that as his first conscience word.
-He is obsessed with the caps on toilets, the part that covers the screws to take it off--Yuck! I bleach it all the time!!
-He's not a very good eater, he likes bottles a lot (I weaned him at 9.5 months)
-He has the BEST gap in between his two first teeth, it's going to be hilarious as he ages
-He loves balls, he chases them for ten minutes at a time
-He hates being left alone or if you leave his sight
-He love love loves his daddy
-He loves it when you bounce balls, he literally giggles
-He LOVES to be read to, his favorite books are, Jungle Jeep and Where is Baby's Belly Button?
-He still likes to be held A LOT
-He is very sensitive to loud noises and kids crying or yelling--such an only child

We love him to absolute pieces.

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