Monday, August 1, 2011

summer 11--randomish phone pics

These are two pretty old, but i like them.

Bayer loves to push everything. He had a freak out in the mall, if we didn't let him push the stroller throughout the entire dillards store.

It is so funny to look at the random pictures Elle, my 3 year old niece takes with my phone, these two were rather impressive though. (she only took these first two, the rest of the pics were me obviously)
This is about 3 days before we put Belle down. I had a major breakdown this day because I knew the end was near. Bayer decided to take her on his first and only walk with Belle.Texas Roadhouse with mom and hebs.

Girls camp was hot this year..surprise surprise. I was over the 3rd levels with Jenny Williams and we had a lot of fun. The theme was Dr. Seuss, our level were the Sneetches.
We went over to Hebs after my mom, Heb, and I went antiquing. It was so much fun. Afterwards we stuck Bay in the swing.

Bay on a walk one day.

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