Saturday, October 22, 2011

Antique Toy Chest Restore

So Heather, my mom and I all went antiquing in downtown St. Pete a couple of months ago. I actually went to find a toy chest and was successful! This picture doesn't really do it justice. Because this is after I sanded it down--a lot! There were these weird circle shaped dents all across the top, it was chipped and smelled gross, etc. We talked the guy down from $80 to $60. This a really big antique toy chest made of cedar, which is a great wood because it holds up well to moisture (aka Florida humidity).

Just painting it a really light cream color helped immensely!
I prepped it for some details with painter tape.
I used a gold paint pen for the grooved design on the front face.
The painters tape leaked out pretty bad so I used my exacto blade to clean it up. Probably 90 minutes worth of scraping.

I have since purchased a dampener so Bayer's fingers dont get crushed that was $25. All my supplies were free because I already had left over cream and tan paint, except the gold paint pen was $2. Total investment:

Chest $60
Paint & Painters tape: $0
Dampener: $25
Paint pen: $2

I'm pretty proud of it! It took a lot of sweat and elbow grease but its super rewarding knowing I restored it. I can always use this piece, for my little girls room when we have one, or at the foot of our bed when our kids are grown.

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