Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Easter Update!

This Easter was so much fun! My sister, Anne and her kiddies came to Florida to spend Easter with us! I love it when they're here, the kids are at the cutest ages. The kiddies got to decorate cupcakes, we had a huge feast, and ate some yummy desserts! 

I love my mom because she gets soooo into the Holidays! It's awesome! If you think about it we have some absolutely amazing meal once a month, with a huge, beautiful, spread like this! I have inherited some of the cooking genes, I love to cook! 

I especially love making beautiful foods, try new things, and make my own versions of foods! This is my first Apricot Tart! We used Phillo dough (Greek pastry dough) for the crust, and made the tart filling with with an assortments of jams. Not to brag, but it turned out pretty amazing.

Check out the video, another reason I love my mom, she bought the girls these bunny aprons at Williams Sonoma for the cupcake decorating!


anna said...

those cupcakes look delightful! my kids would die to eat such treats!!

Lance&Nance said...

That dinner looks delicious and I love the bunny frocks.

The Ortons said...

Dude you are the best. That dessert looks divine. Hope all is well with you. I want to talk with you soon> miss you. Love you