Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last month of Pregnancy

Random thoughts in the last month of pregnancy...

-I am getting real swollen
-I have no energy
-I sleep 10 hours a day
-Brandon wants to call me "lazy" i can see it on his face, but instead he just gives me a smile.
-pssst.....i am lazy
-I fantasize about being myself again
-I'm really getting nervous about being a mom
-I miss shopping for clothes more and more everyday, p.s. i will be dropping a wad once i get down to my pre-prego weight
-I am so glad school is over
-I can't wait to meet Bayer
-Bayer's nursery is coming along at a snail's pace but it will be finished before he arrives
-I'm nervous to meet Bayer
-I see my pregnancy in 4 sections, the first 2 quaters STUNK, the third was great, the fourth can be described in one word "hot."
-i bought the sims 3 and plan on playing it non-stop until June 23rd, this is my last month of freedom, lets not deny it.


Super B said...

Oh Laura! You shared all the normal things that pregnant women think and feel. Especially the ones who are going to be moms for the first time. But, you are going to be great and being lazy is okay!! Love you!

Courtney Bartlett Morris said...

haha. do you remember that someone's bday is June 23rd? cough cough.. me.

Courtney Bartlett Morris said...

ew I just realized that comment makes me sound really selfish, so I am making another non-selfish comment. I wish I could be there when bayer is born so you could take a nap and I could hold him. I'll start driving.. be there in like 12 days.

Jenny said...

Oh man...this post brought back too many recent memories. Don't'll pass and you'll miss it...I promise!

Brittany said...

Laura! Everything is going to be great! I can't wait to see the baby - and you have every right to be lazy, you're preggo! :)