Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dad's are cute.

Brandon is watching a DVD we got from our birthing class right now. It's one of those free DVD's, meant for retards, or in this case, a really really eager and excited dad. He is the cutest dad already. It's the most boring video ever, it's talking about installing car seats correctly for like a solid 15 minutes. It's so funny and cute at the same time. This is why I love him. He is so freakin excited, he's always looking for coupons and deals for our baby. Today we got our car seat and he spent like 20 minutes attaching it and taking it apart.

Just thought I'd share the cuteness.


Nancy said...

you guys are gonna be such cool parents.

Russ said...

My kind of Dad. I remember researching all the details about car seats and installation.

Heather K said...

He's going to be one awesome dad...lucky Bayer :)