Tuesday, July 6, 2010

for Anne..13 days old

Pardon the greasy looking eye, he has a clogged tear duct, so I have to put ointment on it. Also, he scratches his face a lot. Regardless, he's cuter than a bug in a rug, he looks a lot like Brando.


Nicole and Ryan Wilder said...

I have that same boppy! I think Jett has a plugged tear duct too... ;( I keep socks on his hands so he doesnt scratch his face. Bayer is SOOO cute! Bayer and Jett would be such good buddies!

Anne said...

Laura Hi is soooo darling! We are really happy for you guys. Boys are the best. Love you

Super B said...

I am so happy that he is such a good baby for you! And he is just adorable!! Can't wait to meet him!