Monday, July 26, 2010

Some thoughts finally..

Bayer keeps his mama busy most of the day...mainly eating! this child is getting P-I-G (or B-I-G)!
Funny story, today Bayer and I were out shopping with our moms, Bayer had a blow out and his mom only had three wipes with her (dumb mistake). So I ran back to the car, started the process, needless to say Bayer was madder than a hornet at me because I wasn't feeding him and decided to shove his heels, legs, and toes into his "mess" and fling his stickiness and stinkiness all over the car, me, everywhere! Meanwhile, I frantically tried to find another wipe in some form! I ended up using an extra outfit out of my diaper bag and poured some water on it asap, then spilled the remaining water all over myself. lol. It was pretty hilarious for my mom when she came out of the store.

Anyways, I know from the st0ry I seem like I'm a nervous, going crazy first time mom, but I'm actually the opposite. Bayer is such an easy baby (most of the time) and I'm super lucky. I manage to get out of the house almost everyday and I've adjusted to being a mom quite nicely thanks to many, like my amazing husband. My mom is another huge help as well.

Bayer had his one month check up today:

Height is off the charts, like 100-110%
Weight and Head: 90-95%


Anne said...

I think the "in public blow out" is part of the initiation to the mom club. I remember when it happened with Dane. We were are the museum and it went so far up the back of his outfit that it was in his hair and one ear. Good times. Welcome to the club. love you

Heather K said...

Public blow outs were everyday for me. Elle was so good at them that I packed an extra dress for church every sunday until she was potty trained and then I packed an extra one in case she had an accident. It's just recently I'm not scared to go anywhere without extra clothes. Ps. I still forget to restock wipes before I go places...this diapering thing isn't easy!

Super B said...

HAHAHAHA! Like Anne said, it's like an initiation to being a mom. You are official now (besides the fact that you pushed him out your hoohoo)
Anyhow, so glad I got to meet him. He is adorable and you are a great mom!