Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 months old already!

Little Bay Bay is getting so old already. He went to his 2 month appointment and he's still a big kid. Bayer is still an awesome sleeper and an even better eater. We sleep in till about 9 every morning and it's so much fun. I'm sad because he's so smiley when he wakes up in the morning and Brandon is already at class usually. He's starting to space out his feedings a little more which is really nice for moi. We can go more places with confidence knowing he won't get upset for lack of food (constantly). He's shooting out of all of his clothes which is fun/exhausting to keep up with.

He had his shots two days ago and was a champ for the most part. He didn't cry at all on the first pinch, the second he cried for a couple seconds. He wasn't really fussy, he just slept a lot! It freaked me out but he's alive i guess.

Bayer now recognizes faces and has "coo-ing" conversations with you. He's a doll and we love him so stinkin' much it's almost criminal!

Head: 95%
Weight: 95%
Height: 125% (an average 5 month old)

As for the parents of this household, we've been wor
king out more! A lot more! Brandon has been getting together with Mike, Lance and Kempton. While I've been running a lot more and trying to do crunches (which is almost impossible). We've also been watching what we eat. We've discovered a new love for:

Boca Burgers. 100 calories, with 30% of your daily protein!


Tzatziki Sauce


Nicole and Ryan Wilder said...

Sounds like Bayer is thriving and doing really good for you! Pictures!!! And how did the shots go? Did you give him any tylenol or anything to help? Im scared for teh shot part ;(

Lu and Bran Muffin said...

I added to my post about the shots. Thanks for reminding me. I also added some pictures for you! lol! You are doing good I hope! I have been bad about checking everyones blogs, but I'll catch up on Jett right after I finish writing

Spencer and Sara said...

ok why can't we live closer?

:( i miss you.

i love baby bayer.