Monday, August 16, 2010

John & Debra Dickson Family Reunion 2010

John and Debra with all their grandchildren! This pic sums up the cuteness!

This is Oregon in the summer! Beautiful!
Baby Bayer's first swim! He loved it!

Grayson, Heather's little or big boy, swimming with his gamma!
Zoe, Dan's little girl, playing at the park!

Bayer sporting his Bayer Samuel onesie! His Aunt Marilyn gave to him!
Ezra, Anne's little boy,
showing off his bike skills.

Cole playing at the park! Bart's little boy!
Ruby, my sister Anne's baby. Gorgeous!

We just got back from Portland, Oregon last night. We were there from Sunday to Sunday and it was such a blast. I can't describe how fun it was to see all my brothers and sisters (in laws included) and their children! They were 16 grandchildren and 13 adults!

We stayed at my sister in laws parents house at Black Butte Ranch which is located in central Oregon. The drive up there was beautiful, it looked like a post card. At the ranch, we rode bikes, swam, walked, played tennis, baseball, hiked, cooked, laughed, played games, golfed, had photo shoots, etc. It was really nice to kick back for a whole week, especially for me, I was able to go play tennis twice this past week! Once without Bayer, although the baby and I missed each other! I also got to go on a bike ride without the babe. I'm proud of myself.

We stayed in two different cabins, which were both really nice. It was so nice and generous of my parents to get us all together and plan this beautiful vacation.


G.O. Garrison said...

Laura that sounds like an awesome week. I couldn't believe when I saw that first picture of your parents with all the grandchildren!! Are they really that old already? ha. I love the pic of you and and Bayer with his hat on. He is like a cute little man! You look gorgeous. Love ya!

Nate & Sarah said...

it is so fun to see that pic of your whole family! it is huge now! mark looks so grown up! what a fun week in oregon.

Super B said...

What a great week!! And you were near where I used to live (Redmond)
Glad you guys had such a fun time!!

Mom said...

I think it is a little illegal for y'all to have such a high cuteness quotient. I mean seriously, that is the cutest bunch of pictures ever! Bayer is adorable and he should be since he is from such an adorable family.

Whittney and Ryan said...

aww how fun! it is gorgeous there!