Saturday, October 2, 2010

Car Accident

Holy annoying. Two Sundays ago I got into a car accident in our apt complex. I was fine, the baby wasn't with me thank goodness. Anyways, this guy was driving in the middle of the road and wasn't paying attention. I however had stopped and had time to honk at him! Needless to say this is what happened...

So I called the cops, blah blah blah. Turns out he can't write a citation (normally this is how you assume fault for insurance purposes), because the complex is private property. Thank goodness the cop could clearly see that I was driving on the correct side of the street and wrote up a nice police report, which we had to order later in the week to prove my innocence. Check out this sweet diagram he drew.

I filed a claim with the other guys insurance and let me tell you this guy was definitely in good hands. They fought and fought Brandon and I over the course of 11 days! Telling us to just put a claim in with our insurance-meaning, accept fault and have to pay our $500 deductible--I don't think so. So Brandon hounded the insurance representative who was handling our case like nobody's business. I think it was the "I will call you everyday until this is resolved" and the "if liability isn't accepted by your company by tomorrow I will be contacting your superior." Needless to say the next day they decided to cover 100% of the damages! YAY!

We did learn a lesson that I want to share. Always have renters insurance because being carless until they accepted liability wasn't any fun. Also, don't move your car if you don't have to after an accident. Lastly, take video of the scene.

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Brittany said...

Holy cow, lady! I didn't see this before. I'm glad you're OK and Bayer wasn't with you. I can't believe how annoying insurance companies are when they don't want to pay out. Glad it all worked out for the better!