Monday, October 18, 2010

We're putting the baseball season BEHIND us...

Life has been awesome lately...I've started Bayer on real foods. Yes, he's not quite 4 months yet (don't judge me) but this child is HUGE! How am I supposed to sustain this bulldozer myself! Brandon and I actually have a "date night" once a week now because Bayer's grandma Annette is so close and willing! Yay! So it's been a nice break and Brandon and I look forward to spending time with each other each week. The first date night we went out to eat and shopped around. The second we played tennis, I won't brag about the results (**stretch**killed him**yawn**sigh**).

Things about Bayer at almost 4 months...

He's still an awesome sleeper at night
He smiles if you smile at him
He seems very mature for his age...sounds weird but true
He likes to sit in his bumbo while i do my make up
He loves to have the most crazy blow outs ONLY
He hums when he eats (I used to do that too)
He is frantic with his fingers in his mouth
His left tear duct is still clogged-lol
He rolls over like a pro
He's started grabbing for toys
Brandon and Bayer bond while I sleep an extra hour between 7:45 -9ish everday almost
He giggles if you fake laugh at him

Bayer's 4 month stats:
Bayer is 17 pounds (95%)
Bayer is 26 3/4 inches (100+%)
Bayer's head is 17 1/4 inches (95%)


Jenny said...

I LOVE that onesie....awesome. Bayer is a doll. And BOO YA Rays...the Rangers ROCK! Ha ha.

Jenny said...

Except the Rays saved me today after Dallas' POOP I take that last statement back. Respect the Rays man.