Monday, June 27, 2011

Seersucker Suit on Father's Day

Our little guy is getting so big. Bayer is still in love with balls and anything with a wheel. He loves to push carts, strollers, balls around wherever possible. He's started to play with his cousin Grayson, aka follows him all over the house, and makes loud noises when he does. And vice versa. IT'S AWESOME!

He can give high fives and loves to clap his hands, he also is very good at fake laughing, he'll make you feel funny--something I appreciate now and then. He's very opinionated and is not shy about showing it. He is a psycho at church, Brandon doesn't even try to go to Sunday school anymore, he just helps out in Nursery, while I'm teaching my Primary class (4/5/6 year olds).

He is becoming a better eater, not that great, but better. Loves hot dogs, graham crackers, raisins, donuts (boy after his own mother's heart), broccoli and that's about it. Sometimes he'll eat yogurt or mac n cheese.

He loves to be outside, he'd sweat himself to death if I'd let him.

I have been substituting for my moms tennis league once sometimes twice a week lately and it's been sooooo awesome! These 40-76 year old ladies are extremely impressive. I love tennis and I can't wait to join my own league someday. Today I was stung by a wasp though and my thumb is gigantic!


LanceandNance said...

Hey Wasp Nest! :) That suit is the cutest, almost as cute as that adorable boy! I couldn't believe how good he was being last night, it's a sign you should come over to play more.

lesley said...

I need to get in on that tennis league in a serious way. Is it really for 40 - 76 yr olds??? I need some deets.