Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby Preston is here!

So....I'm back!

I found a couple of draft posts that I just published right before starting this one. I'll try and fill in some gaps when I get more time. I love how i fall off the face of the planet when I'm pregnant. If you haven't noticed I've been very active on facebook.

Ok, now for the birth story and love affair with Preston I have developing.

It was a cool night in the eve of October 30th when Brandon and I entered the forest of Mease Countryside Hospital. I had to get induced for medical reasons, something with my blood, weird genetics, ask my sister :) And YES! We chose to voluntarily have a HALLOWEEN baby!

When I got there I was already at a 3 and 70% effaced with some pretty consistent contractions. So they didn't put me on Cervidil like they had planned. The next morning on October 31st, gross detail, my mucus plug came out, before we started the Pitocin so my body was pretty much ready on its own. At 6 am I began pitocin, at 8:30 I got an epidural even though I was fine, my doctors thought I was going to progress really quickly. By the way I almost blacked out as soon as I got the epidural, this was the scariest part of the whole blood pressure was so low like 61 over 30 but they gave me some popsicles and medicine through my epi to bring me back. This was a huge blessing because Bayer's epidural did not work!

So I was stuck at a three until 11:30 I was a 4. Then at 12:30 I looked at Brandon and said, "I think my water just broke." Yep. I was a at five then. By 3:00 in the afternoon I was a nine and cracking jokes, with a little pressure discomfort,  NOTHING like Bayer's delivery. At 3:55 my doctor finally came in and so I could start pushing. Before we started I said I think I will have him out by 4:20 and my guess is between 8 lbs 9 oz - 9 lbs 2 oz.

Preston Levi McClain born at 4:19 pm at 8 lbs 9 oz. Everyone was shocked how I called it.

This whole pregnancy was such a blessing, it was a lot easier more me physically, emotionally, and everything in between. I think Heavenly Father knew I had a ginormous fear of pregnancy after my first and needed to leave me with a sweet taste of it in my mouth this time.

The moment Bayer came to the hospital and held little Preston was so sweet. Brothers. Indescribable to see that moment.

Since we've been home, Bayer has had a bit of a hard time with the baby, he ignored him, then didn't want anyone holding him. He get a hight pitched voice with his "baby!"It's amazing how much more he understands as the days go on. He is only 28 months old so I know it's a big change for him. He's been loved left and right with toys (Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story have helped him cope) and kisses from his parents and grandma's!

We are smitten by Preston. He's a great baby. He grunts a lot, I call him our little billy goat. I forgot that I was getting a prize at the end of this pregnancy. I was so focused on being done. I am so baby hungry but it's fulfilled!! It's so satisfying.


Sara said...

Glad everything went well
Drew hates his little sister... still. Bayer and Drew should hang out.

Courtney Morris said...

You would brag about how you called your own delivery. hahah. i miss you. Congrats. Love you. Maybe one day we can see eachother again?? PS Glad you are blogging again...

G.O. Garrison said...

ugh he has the cutest mug!! Such a boy face. I love that our boys are both grunters! love u lu

Kelly Dickson said...

Loved reading this, Lu! I hadn't had a chance to hear the whole story so it was fun to hear it in your own words. Glad it went so well. Love you and can't wait to see our newest nephew . . . not sure when that will be but I'm looking forward to it anyway! :)