Sunday, November 11, 2012

Catch up

When I disappear I usually have a good reason. Baby number two is coming Novemebr 2nd! We're very happy, blessed, and grateful. I am 17 weeks Friday. Heavenly Father knew I would either kill Bayer from neglect or die of misery if he didn't help my morning sickness this time. He has carried my burden this go round and I thank Him incessantly (big word for a pregnant gal)for his help. I have one good story that happened two weeks ago in a Publix (grocery store for u western folks) getting a deli sandwich for Brandon and I and I asked for jalapeƱos on his sub and just the thought of the smelly repulsive peppers made my sight go dim and I knew I couldn't stop it. I put my hand on the deli counter and told the deli man, "hey, I'm gonna pass out I'm gonna sit down." he proceeded with an "ok!" so I plopped my behind down in the busiest section of Publix (subs are popular at lunch time), I had this sweet lady grab me a cup from the soda fountain nearby, I didn't pass out luckily. But I did use the soda cup and it wasn't for soda. I was so embarrassed I just kept telling myself, "this is going to be a really funny story later." Bayer is almost two and is talking more and more each day. We love him too much!having another baby will do him good!

I will be adding random events to this post...because I've been missing for months on my blog.


Sadly I feel like this post shows Bayer from a baby into a boy. It made me so sad when looking at how much he's changed since February (when I got preggers). It also made me reminisce on those days with Bayer and I when he wasn't two. ha ha. When I wasn't constantly saying, "No!" or "Stop that!" I was so much nicer to him when he was younger. I need to be better mommy to Bayer and cut him some slack. I hope I'm not the only mom out there that feels like they become a jerk to their first child or is it because he's two years old?!

Anyways, I picked these photos because they all spoke to me.

These next 3 pictures are from my Grandma Dickson's funeral. (Tearing up before I even begin.) ....Yeah, this was an incredible week but painful. It opened up a whole another life I used to live. My Grandma Dickson was my second mom growing up until we moved to Florida when I was nine. 

Best things about Helen Fay Lasron Dickson...

Her french toast
the smell of her house
Her beautiful hands
Her energy
Her LOVE of geneology
the way she served
her predictability
her testimony
her laugh
her example
her legacy 

 Back to June and on...


Mark and Erin's wedding!
These two tied the knot in August in Arizona! Talk about crazy. I literally walked outside at 4:30 on the first day we got there and uttered, "Are we on planet Earth?" Needless to say the wedding was beautiful and it was a blast to get together with the family. It was a significant event in our family because all six of my parents children are now married for eternity. My brother and sisters all decided to make a book for my parents along with some letters to my parents expressing our gratitude for their examples. It was really amazing to have all of my siblings and myself in the temple together. 

I love Mark and Erin and wish they lived closer! 

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