Friday, January 18, 2013


Four words I NEVER thought I would say...

"I live in Mississippi"

So far, it's been pretty darn wonderful. The people are really genuinely nice. Did you know that Mississippi is the "Hospitality state?" Well, it's lived up to its name. 

Check out our license plate. I'm mean, we're legit Mississipians.

The ward here is really organized and super welcoming.  They play soccer on Tuesday nights, play group Wednesday mornings, and Thursday night is basketball for the guys. Sure do miss organized sports, Tampa needs to get with it. ;) 

I don't think it's actually hit me yet, it's all still fun and new and refreshing to be in a new place. It's so rad that we have a backyard, it's my favorite part.

There is something so satisfying about being on your own, it feels really perfect. I actually feel relieved, all of my stress and fears are diminishing day by day because there aren't unknowns anymore. I love that I will be home more actually, I don't have my moms to sneak over to, I will be forced to work on our little home! 

We had my mom, Brandon's mom and brother help us move in and stay with us for the week. They were SO helpful and amazing and it was really fun to have them here. We owe them a ton! 

Bayer seems to be adjusting totally fine. He asked where his Grandma's were like 2 hours after they left and that was it basically. He loves his backyard, with his new sandbox, and new tire swing. 

Preston is keeping me busy, he loves to nurse (as if you've heard of a baby that doesn't?), is really getting CHUBBY!

Things I am looking forward to this year...

Spending a ton of quality time outside with my two boys
Starting a garden--using my own vegetable and herbs in my cooking
Upping my chef skills, I want to be a legit cook
Reading books on my phone
Joining the gym at Brandon's school because its the nicest gym i've ever seen


spencer orton said...

WHHHHHAT?!?! You live in Mississippi??! AWESOME!
sounds like you guys are loving it. Miss you.

spencer orton said...

its sara....

Kelly Dickson said...

Love your positive attitude, Lu! Next time we see you, I expect you to have an awesome accent to go with your new Mississippian status. Oh, and still waiting on some pictures of this new house of yours . . . ;)