Saturday, January 19, 2013

Our Casa...

Who would of known that our first house would be while we are in graduate school? Well, it's a HUGE blessing. The transition has been a lot easier because we have a sort of garage and a backyard and we don't have to make Bayer be quiet if he is jumping off the couch because no one below will hear!

This is the front of our little house :) It's a little older, but its a great deal coming from Florida prices. You can sort of see how big this backyard is. Notice our snow! It's the only snow we'll get probably, it was melted by 11AM.
Backyard with snow.
Our room. 

 The only bathroom.

 Bayer's room and what it usually looks like...

...and what it usually DOESN'T look like... 

Here is Preston's room, I haven't done anything really. My mom and I bought that cute green thing hanging on the wall, and that little chest of drawers but I haven't even hung up curtains in here, I'll post once I've cutified this room.

Here is our family room, if that black and white chair wasn't there, the whole thing would look great, but someone will not let me get rid of it because it's too comfy. 

 My mom sewed these curtains, I love how colorful and fun they are. 

We've given this kitchen a lot of TLC, it was rough was we first got here. Something is missing? Can you spy it? 
 This rolling storage cart was not here when we got here so they're was this big empty hole next to the stove, which is gas and I love that. 

What was missing?....a dishwasher!! It's not as bad as I thought it would be...luckily our water temperature gets REALLY hot, like scald you hot. So I feel like things are getting disinfected. My mom and I picked out that blue shelf at an antique store for $40 and I painted it turquoise. 

Here is the backyard..

 Brandon was working on the tire'll see by the end of the night he got it up.

Tulips grow here! I'm so excited to plant these babies! 
 Daddy loves it as much as Bayer.


LanceandNance said...

Your house is so cute! And that yard is the bomb; all it needs are a few little playmates named Trip and John. :(

Heather Kennedy said...

I love it! And how fun that you actually got some've done a great job making it look and feel like home--so happy for you guys :)

G.O. Garrison said...

lovin the bright and cheery color scheme. Come decorate my house!!

Mike & Jill said...

I agree with Nancy... Tear* that is if I cried :) Love you guys and it looks amazing!

Mom said...

Lulu your home is adorable. You are a wonderful homemaker, just like your Mom. And your boys are so cute. We miss you so much but it is good to see you doing so well. Love to all, Jan

Jenny said...

I love all of the color in your kitchen!! It is so cute, I can't wait until we get to see it in person. :) Miss you Lu Lu!!!

Super B said...

I LOVE your house! Seriously though, I have always loved the way you decorate. So cute! (ps. I was scrolling back up to the top of your blog and I noticed that fabric soccer ball on Bay's made me happy to see it in there!)
Love you!