Saturday, February 16, 2013


I just love my boys. I love our new fish that grandma-net gave us some dough for. I love my new life here. I love the new friends I have. I love that I actually read all these books within the past couple months, super random ones too. I love that I'm working out on a regular basis. I LOVE that I finally dropped of my kids in the child watch at the gym--huge feat for me. I love Brandon! I love how we are like best friends even more so than ever before. I love that we are coming back to Florida as TOuRIStS in less than a month!!!!


Lauren Ramsey said...

I don't know why this brought tears to my eyes! SO HAPPY YOU'RE HAPPY LAURA! You're new home is darling! Going to miss seeing you at home!! Xoxo.

G.O. Garrison said...

I love all the love in this post :) How's the sleep training going? We need to chat (my famous last words)...we're moving this week so that prob won't happen for a bit! love ya