Saturday, February 2, 2013


Preston is sooo chubby and sweet. (...gritting teeth...) 

He loves his brover.
 This is the usual scene at our home.
My Bay bay is getting old... 
 Au Naturale
 New project I completed...I felt like my cupboards needed a *PoP*! I scotch taped up some scrapbooking paper inside the cupboard, you can see the old version in my last post. cheap but fun.
 We didn't have very good lighting so I found this chandelier on ebay for $30!


Kelly Dickson said...

Lu your house is cuter and cuter every day, if that's possible! Amazing job! And Preston is just so sweet and squishy. Please give Bayer and him big hugs for us.

Super B said...

I agree with Kelly. The house is becoming cuter and cuter.
PReston is adorable! If Bayer looks like Brandon, Preston definitely looks more like you (Dickson side) for sure. Hope you are doing well!