Friday, June 26, 2009

Blogging AGAIN

I will admit, I have been super awful about blogging lately, so I got this app for my iPhone which allows me to blog and post pics off my phone...pretty cool.

So to update you on the past couple of weeks, I will stArt with Brandons new calling, he's in Elders Quorum, 2nd counsellor, so he's been pretty busy, especially on Sumdays. Brandon is a trooper, he's been working on the weekends at bj's still, and going to school 5 days a week! He's studying for the DAT (dental assesment test) which he will tAke this December.

I have been taking one class this summer, drawing ii, I'll post my artwork later, not that people really care. I also started a job at Nordstrom, there's a restaurant upstairs, I was a hostess, but it was short-lived, I quit yesterday. It wasn't what I thought it would be. Nuff said. I also went to girls camp last month, I was the sports director, it was really fun! We had a "put on the armor of God" theme, something like that, it was medieval. So I had the girls joust! The jousting was done with horsey broomsticks, pool noodles, and pink frosting (for blood, tasty blood I might add).

The whole Dickson clan has been plagued withthe flu this summer, I gave it to everyone! Sorry! It was awful, fever, vomitting, coughing, body aches, mucus, the whole nine yards. So be careful, tIe good care of yourselves this summer.

-- Post From My iPhone


G.O. Garrison said...

LAURA! I wish that I could have been at girls camp with you to relive the good ol days (ha). I'm sure you were the best sport's director ever...jousting?!? That's rad. Ur rad. Miss you! Love Liv

The Ortons said...

I love the update. it's sweet that you can do it on your phone. I cant wait to see some of your art pieces. dude- MAYBE YOU HAD SWINE FLU!!!!!!