Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer in FLORIDA!

I have come to realize that this will be one of my last summers here in my hometown, Brandon and I will have to move somewhere cold, dry, different, landlocked, etc...for dental school. I love it here, I love the people, I love the attitude, I love the mix of culture.

Reasons why I love Florida summers...
1. Memories

2. Fell in love here
3. Beaches
4. To feel t
he intense sunshine on your face almost every single day.
5. Florida fashion....the white capris, constant sandals, crazy tan lines, bright neon colors on old women, printed shirts on old men, beach hair, white skirts, polo dresses, etc.
6. More time with my Muffin!!
7. Lake Rodgers park- my high school cross country team trained here, I ha
ve run and run and run my guts out here, pondered on life, run with Mark-my little brother.
8. Orange blossoms, jasmine blossoms, they smell heavenly.
9. Being Sun-kissed, although you'll probably get skin cancer later...
10. Playing at amusement parks!


The Ortons said...

love all the updates.
miss you.

Nancy said...

Aww, I love Florida too! And I love this post! I need to savor every moment Lance and I have together in Florida this summer. Life is good and Florida is the best! Did I say I love Florida enough yet? One more, I LOVE FLORIDA!!!

Heather K said...

You need to delete that saggy picture of me at the beach. Love you!