Saturday, December 20, 2008


So Muffin and I just got back from our cruise today! We went on a 5 day cruise that left from Tampa then stopped at Grand Cayman, followed by Cozumel Mexico. The cruise was super fun and FATTTEENNNNNING!! Not that I'm a crazy about my weight or anything. It's just that its a little frustrating to work for months and months to lose weight for your wedding day and then in 5 days gain like all of it back! Sorry annoying girl moment. 

This was our first cruise so we didn't know what to expect. Let me demonstrate this in a dialogue between our waiter and Brandon and I at dinner.... 

Waiter: "So I was just curious, did you two pick your cabin number? E1?"

Naive retards: "Yeah....why?"

Waiter (with THICK accent, making me feel dumber): "Well, normally people don't choose cabins at the very front of the boat, because it is really rocky and can make your stay miserable? Have you been feeling sea sick at all?"

Naive retards: ", um...not really..."
P.S. One hour previous, just picture Brandon and I running to the "information" desk to jam sea sick pills down our throats, stumble over to the bar to buy a $4 billion dollar ginger ale, and somehow make it back to the room to lay on our backs, blasting the AC, with green faces. Yeah, not really that sick.

Ha! Anyways, the pills helped and we had a great time! While in Grand Caymen we went snorkeling on two different locations which were gorgeous. We swam with beautiful fishes, the blue one from finding Nemo (Ellen DeGeneres' character), coral, and this ship that sank like 100 years ago!
In Cozumel, Brandon and I went on this excursion at this really nice resort where we got to do climbing walls, which are a lot harder than you think, zip lines, and repel from 60 ft in the air......SCARY!  Afterwards, we snorkeled again, this time all these huge fishes were like 2 inches from my face, we saw a huge school of barracudas!! Unfortunately we didnt remember the underwater camera that day. Brandon's fault, not that i'm bitter. 

We made it to the Temple today which felt so good! We were selfish and indulgent all week long and it felt really good to jump into important necessities!

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HDK said...

I love the pictures...bring all the rest to mom and dad's on Christmas Eve.

Love you hilarious Grilly