Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Brandon and I are so happy and relieved to finally be married. Life is so much better, we're finally in on the secret! We are really new to "blogging," but apparently we have to have one(I've been told to do so by probably 10 different couples).

So in the whole 2.5 weeks we've been married, we've been able to finish moving in, organize our stuff--without arguements of course! Most importantly, we put up our Christmas tree!!


10. No goodbye's at midnight
9. Buying my own Groceries!
8. Sleeping in late without my mom waking me up with her loud voice (no offense)
7. Driving everywhere together
6. Living 34 Seconds away from a SuperTarget!!
5. Decorating my style!
4. Having the AC on! (face it, my rents are old)
3. Convenience
2. Cuddling
1. Smelling like Brandon!

I wanted to put up soooooo many of the pictures! Ill figure out a way to load up a folder or something! My photographer was amazing!


Emily Gillrie said...

Your pictures are amazing, and you list is funny and cute.

Lance&Nance said...

love you, love brandon, love the blog, love that i got to be there for the happy day. it truly was magical. you look gorgeous in the pictures and your condo looks freakin' saweet!! love straight up.

HDK said...

the pictures are AMAZING! I'm going to be ordering a couple...Love ya!

Whittney and Ryan said...

Lu! your married and you have a blog! I LOVE your wedding pictures so freaking cute! and I am happy you have a blog, i am still learning slowly, love and miss you!

anna said...

absolutely DREAMY! wish we could have been there!!! you are gorgeous!!