Monday, December 22, 2008

Okay, i know i have put up like 18 million posts within the last 2 days but i can't sleep. i remembered something really funny (well probably only to those of you who know my mother very well). 

So while Brandon and I were on our Honeymoon, we got to Grand Cayman and I was REALLY excited to finally get off the boat cause we'd been on for over 36 hours already! So as soon as we got into a taxi, we were on our way to the beach, we were in a foreign country, I was traveling with Brandon for the first time, I was on a really gorgeous small island, i was a tourist, I WAS ON VACATION! I just had this moment of "ahhhh," I was sitting a couple inches away from the window of the taxi and i looked to see my reflection in the smudged glass, I noticed this oh so very familiar CHEESY, RELENTLESS, UNSTOPABLE smile that was strewn across my round face! And it hit me, "HOLY CRAP I AM DEBBIE!" I just found myself smiling aimlessly, just like my mom does. Happy and there wasn't a darn thing I could do to stop the smiles. I love that my mom is so warm, it's one of those qualities about her that just melts me!

Gosh dang it, i'm tearing up.  Ah, I'm turning into an old lady right before my very eyes. 

I shouldn't brag about this but i'm going to anyways. Brandon and I have been married for a month and spent about $90 dollars on groceries so far! That's nothing! If it sounds like a lot, than you've never seen Bran eat! The man is a carnivous dinosaur! So how do we make it on such a small budget?!? I'm thifty what can i say..............alright, so i'm not. We live 5 minutes from both of our parents! They give us soooo much food it's crazy! We cant keep up! I love it, i'm not complaining! I'm bragging! That's right! Annette and Debster----keep up the good work!! 



HDK said...

only Deffie's daughters can really understand that grin! haha. Oh how I love mom!

Nate & Sarah said...

o i would love to meet up when you come out! my schedule is pretty open cause i'm just home with aiden all day long so whenever you can get together i'm sure it would work with me. you and brandon look so happy! i am excited to see you!